Towards vs. Toward

Difference Between Towards and Toward

Sometimes English itself as a language is pretty confusing and we also have the tendency to think about the grammar so much that we ourselves become confused.

The words ‘towards’ and ‘toward’ can act as an adjective, preposition and adverb. According to Webster as well as most of other popular dictionaries, both these words carry a sense of ‘in the direction of’ or ‘with direction to’. In a moral sense the words have a sense of regarding, concerning. From the prepositional point of view, these words can be defined as ‘coming’ or ‘approaching’.

The old version of the word (it carries the same meaning) is ‘toeward’.

Both these words can be used in place of one another and are correct. According to Wikitionary, ‘toward’ is just a variety of towards. The one difference is that ‘toward’ is American English and ‘towards’ is British English. However the two words are increasingly becoming interchangeable.

According to some people; ‘towards’ is becoming backdated even in British English however as of now in spite of the fact that they are used in place of one another, ‘toward’ is more often used in American English and ‘towards’ in British English.


1. Both the words ‘toward’ and ‘towards’ are the same.


2. ‘Toward’ is American English, and ‘towards’ is British English.



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