Undergraduate vs. Postgraduate

Difference Between Undergraduate and Postgraduate

The undergraduate and postgraduate students are two words that are different in their characteristics and qualifications. An undergraduate is the one who has passed out his board examinations and took a course in a college or university. On the other hand, a postgraduate student is one who has completed his graduation in a subject and obtained a higher degree in the particular subject.

An undergraduate enters a college or university for the first time, but the entry inside the premises of a college or university is not a first time experience for a postgraduate. An undergraduate must study some related subjects during the study. On the other hand, a postgraduate does not study the related subjects. Rather he would focus only on the main or important topic.

An undergraduate must study for a minimum period of three years for graduation. A graduate student has to study for two years to complete his post graduation in the subject of his choice.

An undergraduate must complete post graduate degree in the subject concerned to be registered for the degree of research into the subject. On the other hand, a graduate student may register directly for the degree of research in the subject concerned. An undergraduate learns the fundamentals of a subject during the study while a postgraduate study the nuances of the subject within two years of study.

An undergraduate must complete the degree of post graduate to receive employment and build his career. A postgraduate can directly ask the other jobs of their choice and build his career.


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