Unit vs. Apartment

Difference between Unit and Apartment

Unit and Apartment are two kinds of abodes with distinctions.  A unit is an individual abode which is situated at ground level with a personal garden or courtyard. There is no common space.  Whereas an apartment is two or multi-storied residential building and is a residential part of a building. An apartment is shared by several families. Another difference between a unit and apartment is that a unit is self managed house and is not a part of any building whereas an apartment is just a smaller part of a big functional building. Apartment, sometimes, is also referred to as a flat whilst a unit is a house. In some countries, unit can be a synonym to apartment or some business suites too. Unit gives an aura of importance to construction. Though, referring business suites as unit is only limited and suggest the autonomous facilities of a building.

Apartments were designed to suit the needs the middle class working people and the word, or the construction doesn’t lend any importance to the building. The owner of an apartment can lease every individual apartment on that particular land. On the other hand, the owner of a unit can lease only the single building he owns. Units, sometimes, can be modified as apartment for better lease opportunities.