Vegetable Oils Vs. Synthetic Mineral Oils

Difference Between Vegetable Oils And Synthetic Mineral Oils

Now it’s time to dive deeper into what the difference between vegetable and mineral oils really are. Why should you watch out for them, and why are they so popular among budget brands? First, mineral oil is not rancid, in other words, it can be stored indefinitely. Its production is cheap, and thus one can do A LOT of cream for very little money. But the disadvantages then?

(From plants and herbs)

Contains vitamins (including A and vitamin E), contains essential fatty acids for up-building of the body and skin cells. Is readily absorbed by the skin and enters as a natural constituent of skin’s protective mantle. Penetrates, stimulates and gives the skin improved circulation and nutrient absorption. The skin becomes soft and smooth. It gets decomposed easily(99% degraded). It is usually more expensive. Oils from herbs and plants are perishable and therefore can become rancid after a few years (but if kept right can pass the several years).


It contains no vitamins or fatty acids. Clog your pores and settles as a thin film on top of the skin. Synthetic mineral oils stay on top of the skin leading to an ever-lubricating skin. The skin becomes dry in nature – only 25-40% is degraded. It is cheap, artificial and not rancid.

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