Water vs. Liquid

Difference Between Water and Liquid

Water and Liquid are two words which are similar in connotation and often confused. In reality, these two are different in their nature. To start with, water is a compound that covers almost 70% of the Earth. On the other hand, liquid is the state of matter along with solid and gas. The melting and boiling point of water is 0 and 99.98 degree Celsius respectively. Water is used for the preparation of food, irrigation, beverages, drinking and for daily purposes whereas liquid is used as coolant, medicine, solvents and lubricants.

Water is a type of liquid made of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Water has two forms namely- hard water and light water. The more than higher content of deuterium makes the form of hard or heavy water. It is almost identical to normal or light water except taste. Light water has low or usual amount of deuterium. Water should be tasteless and odorless.

Since water is a kind of liquid, it is true that every liquid has some compound of water. Density of liquid is somewhat exact to that of a solid but more than that of a gas. Thus, it should be understood that liquid is condensed yet fluid given its flow capability whereas water is a liquid and ice or vapor in different conditions.

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