White Onion vs. Yellow Onion

Difference Between White Onion and Yellow Onion

Onions are known to be the oldest vegetables in the world and their history can be traced till 5000 BC. They can be eaten raw or used in preparing delicious dishes all over the world.

Here is a list of differences between its two variants, white and yellow onions:

  1. White onions are off-white in color while yellow onions look pale.
  2. White onions have mild taste and are perfect for the dishes where you do not want strong onion flavor like Mexican dishes. Yellow onions have sweet and Tangy taste and are perfect for the dishes where you need that strong onion flavor.
  3. White onions have lower sulfur content and high water content this is why they cannot be stored for long period of time. Yellow onions have high sulfur which is the reason for their strong smell and they can be stored for longer period because of low water content.

In spite of these differences we must know that both these variants of onions are good anti-oxidants and source of Vitamin C. They also reduce the heart attack related risks but they are eaten for their flavor more than for their benefits.


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