Workgroup vs. Team

Difference Between Workgroup and Team

Used in the field of organizational behavior, workgroup and team are two terms which are confused due to the stated similarity in their names.  Both of these terms are have different concepts and implications. The most common example of workgroup is insurance agents.

An organized group of people set for a specified work is called workgroup whereas group of people trying to attain a goal by working towards it, is called a team.  In simple words, workgroup is a number of people working but team is the group of people working together to reach a goal. A workgroup consists of people that may or may not have similar subsets of skills but members of team always have same skill set.

In a workgroup, every member has different work and task to perform. Each has its own individual identity whereas in a team, the identity of members dissolves into just team. The team becomes their true identity. The effort put by team members to achieve the desired goal is termed as team efforts. When the goal is achieved, the credit is given to whole team whereas in workgroup, individual achievements are appreciated.