Worship vs. Prayer

Difference Between Worship And Prayer


Worship, divine honors paid to God, specifically words addressed to Him, either said or sung, or acts performed in His honor. The term is derived from Anglo-Saxon weorthscipe,”worthship,” the recognition or acknowledgment of worth or worthiness.


Prayer, the act of addressing God or another divine being. The term is also used for the words of such an act. In the great world religions prayer is a channel of communication by which the individual may enjoy communion with God and by which, in turn, the way is opened for God to make fuller use of human means to achieve divine ends. Poets, mystics, writers, and theologians of many faiths have described the experience of prayer and elaborated on its significance.

Prayer may be either formal and prescribed or free and extemporaneous. Ancient Roman prayer, for example, was almost wholly formal and reflected a characteristic determination to use precisely correct formulas, though often the god addressed was uncertain, and the phrase “whether you are masculine or feminine” had to be added.




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