Xylophone vs. Marimba 2

Difference Between Xylophone and Marimba 2

People who are not too familiar about different musical instruments may find it hard to differentiate between xylophone and marimba because they look and sound similar to each other.

The word Xylophone is made from two Greek words meaning wooden sound. It is believed that Xylophones originated in Asia and are musical instruments which can produce different musical scales ranging from pentatonic to chromatic with a range of 2 and a half to 4 octaves. The bars are arranged according to their size.

Another member of the same percussion family, marimba is a musical instrument in which the bars are arranged just like they are in piano. The resonators, which are responsible for the quality of sound this instrument produces, are quite long and you can easily see them. It is played by using a mallet.

Difference between Xylophone and marimba are given here to help you in understanding them easily.

  • The bars in xylophone are arranged size wise while in marimba they are of equal size.
  • Range of Xylophone is 2 ½ up to 4 octaves while that of marimba is 3 to 5 octaves.
  • Resonators of xylophone are short and unnoticeable while in marimba they are long.


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