3G vs Telstra Next G – The Difference Between

The difference between 3G and Telstra Next G Both 3G and Telstra Next G refer to wireless communication…

The difference between 3G and Telstra Next G

Both 3G and Telstra Next G refer to wireless communication networks. 3G is commonly used all over the world and some of the networks that use this technology are:

  • EDGE
  • UMTS
  • HSPA
  • Ev-Do, and

Testra Next G is used only in Australia and is a brand name for the network owned by Telco, a giant in the wireless communication industry in this country. It was introduced in October of 2009 and provides wider coverage within the Australia 3G network.

About Telstra Next G

Next G stands for Next Generation and provides mobile broadband and 3G services throughout all of Australia. When you compare it with the technologies used in Europe and North America, it is comparable with 2G.

The network was built in 2005 and released in 2009. It is currently the largest network in Australia and has product brand names of Big Pond and Telstra Mobile Services. It is one of the fastest mobile networks in the world.

About 3G

3G is the technology that is widely used today in wireless mobile communication. It replaced the 2G technology because it is so much faster. The smart phones that use this technology can access the Internet as well as provide voice and video calling. Simultaneous voice and data transfer are possible, but the rate of transfer is a bit slower than data transfer alone.

The networks listed above are only some of the ones that currently use 3G technology.


  1. 3G refers to wireless access technology, but Telstra Next G is a product used in Australia.
  2. Next G will always be Next G no matter what technology it uses.
  3. The product brand names of Next G are Big Pond and Telstra Mobile Services.
  4. Next G started by offering 21Mbps, but currently offers 40 Mbps.


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