A Lot vs. Lots of

Difference Between A Lot and Lots of A lot ‘a lot’ and ‘lots of’ two expressions in English.…

Difference Between A Lot and Lots of

A lot

‘a lot’ and ‘lots of’ two expressions in English. They should be used carfully as there is difference between the two. ‘A lot’ is used to emphasize the comparative degree of an adjective. ‘A lot’ and ‘lots of’  are used with countable and uncountable nouns.   Look at the example,

‘She looks a lot better tody.’

In the above sentence, ‘a lot’ modifies the ‘better’ which is comparative of ‘good’. ‘A lot’ is used in affirmative statements. For example,

‘I had given him a lot of advice on the matter.’

This is affirmative sentence, not a negation.

Lots of

the expression ‘lots of’ is also used in the affirmative sentences such as:  ‘He presentd lots of gifts to children’. Here we can observe that an affirmative idea is expressed with  the help of ‘lots of’. ‘Lots of’ refers to ‘a large number or amount of something.’For example, ‘She has made lots of friends.’ On the other hand ‘a lot’ means ‘to a great degree or extent’. For example, ‘This would help a lot.’ Or ‘Thanks a lot.’ ‘Lots of’ takes a plural verb with it when it is used with a plural noun followed by it.

Look some more examples.

‘lots of money’

‘a lot of money’

There is no difference in their meanings of the above two expressions. However, ‘a lot of money’ is more formal expression.



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