AAC vs. MP3

Difference Between AAC and MP3 These are two audio compression formats. MP3 and AAC are popular audio codecs,…

Difference Between AAC and MP3

These are two audio compression formats. MP3 and AAC are popular audio codecs, which is popular in the music industry. The portable media player is now known as MP3 players. This portable device downloads and stores massive amounts of music on audio files. A 30 MB audio file can be reduced to a mere 3MB. The MP3 made its appearance in 1993 as write its extension files as mp3. The AAC was released in 1997 and has undergone many improvements. In order to comply with the audio file formats both programs has to opt to give up some of its lossy formats.


The MP3 audio format was a development of Motion Picture Experts Groups or MPEG, and is part of the MPEG-1. It was later extended MPEG-2, which is also a standard version of the MP3 format. The format works to reduce the amount of data that is contained in the audio file. Once the audio file is compressed, it becomes more than 10 times smaller than its original size. This in fact led to the MP3 revolution that is taking place on the internet concerning the MP3. It allows individuals to download hundreds of songs depending on the size of the file.


The AAC is known Advanced Audio Coding, as it is another audio formatting compression system. The designers intention was to replace this format with that of the MP3 format. However, its efforts failed, as it could not replace the infamous MP3. The name for its format is called Apple’s baby, a standard form of audio format for the iPhone, iTunes, and iPad. It is a collaboration development of Nokia, Sony, AT&T Bell Laboratories and Dolby Laboratories.  AAC became a popular format when Apple adopted it for use with the iPods and iPhones.


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