Acid vs. Acidic

Difference Between Acid and Acidic Students studying chemistry very well know the importance of the concept of pH…

Difference Between Acid and Acidic

Students studying chemistry very well know the importance of the concept of pH in classifying aqueous solution as acidic and alkaline. The concept of pH is applied in different fields of studies such as food science, agriculture, biology, nutrition, ecology, medicine and chemistry. The pH value ranges between

-7 and +7. A solution at -7 is most acidic and at +7 it is most alkaline. The acidity of water is removed to make pure and potable. A high pH value indicates the low concentration while a low pH value indicates high concentration of hydroxonium ions. Change in pH value by a unit means 10 times more basic or acidic solution. Acids have less than 7ph value. They react with metals and bases. Acids taste sour.

The substances having the characteristics of acids are called acidic. But it is different in case of our food. Foods are acidic or alkaline depending on their capacity to produce acid or base in our stomach after the consumption. We are advised to take more and more alkaline food. The food is oxidized inside our body and leave residue after digestion. The food is called acidic if it contains sulfur, chlorine and phosphorus more than sodium, calcium, sodium and magnesium. The foods are called alkaline if its reverse is true. It should be kept in mind that we should eat more and more alkaline food.

Acid and alkaline foods are referred to the condition of food after its digestion in the body. There are many substances, which are acidic in nature, and which become alkaline after the breaking down in the body. The acidic or alkaline taste of the food is not important in the body. What is important is how a substance changes the pH value in the human body. Actually it makes the body alkaline or acidic.


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