Administration vs. Management

Difference Between Administration and Management There a lot of people who feel that the two words administration and…

Difference Between Administration and Management

There a lot of people who feel that the two words administration and management mean the same. However they cannot be more wrong as these two terms are quite different from each other.

Administration deals with the science of gaining more knowledge about the policies and objectives of a workplace. Instead management means applying the objectives and policies of the company.

Thus while management is an executive function (as management is all about executing the objectives and policies which are already created by the organization), the concept of administration revolves determination. Administration is monitored and controlled by the top most level of the personnel i.e. the partners, who plays a key role in the contribution of capital. However it is the middle level of the employees that handle the duties of management. As far as management is concerned you will see that in this group there are managers who are skilled in applying the rules, regulations and the principles of the company into use. Thus we can see that management is under control of the administrations.

The survival of any management depends upon the satisfaction of the administration by the performance. We can see that a management team should have talented managing personnel who can bring in results and practice the rules of the company at the same time.  They should be able to deliver the expected results. Administration involves planning; on the other hand, motivation is the key for the management team. The entire finance and other resources are handled by the administration so that every resource can be used to fulfill a mission. It is true that management is devoid of the responsibility and does noyt have the permission to handle issues like finance, how ever the management team does carry out the strategy of the administration.

While the management is allowed to take limited decision, all the key decisions of the company, are taken by the administration. The decisions of the management are supposed to be approved by the administration. We can see the presence of administrators in various departments like the government, military, educational and even religious organizations. However we can find managers mostly in the private business places. All the failure and achievements of the management is included in the administration. It will be more correct if we say that al the success and failure of the management is in fact the administration’s.


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