Adobe After Effects vs. Adobe Premiere

Difference Between Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Both After Effects and Premiere are part of the Adobe…

Difference Between Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere

Both After Effects and Premiere are part of the Adobe CS (Creative Suite) and applications from Adobe. Their names are quite enough to suggest that they are different from each other. In case they are not enough, then the knowledge of the differences will make you aware of their difference.

Adobe After Effects

This software is used to add motion graphics and visual effects to a video. One of the most attractive features is that when you have opened the main video and want to attach another video inside it the software allows to you to view the video in a small screen on the side. The functions of After Effects’ are almost the same as that of the Photoshop. It enhances the qualities of the video just as the Photoshop does to pictures.

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is used to edit videos. During editing the most used features are the cut and spicing up the video to make an exciting output. If you have different footages of a video, you can use Premiere to cut off the useless portion and edit the portion that will result in a more relevant video.

While the software After Effects adds various effects to the video that is already edited, Premiere is used to treat an uncut and raw film to create a sophisticated video. Premiere is very useful as far as the basic requirements are concerned. After Effects adds better stuff as in more effects and animations to the video. Adobe Premiere generates a more coherent video and produces a seamless end product.


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