Advise Vs. Advice

Difference between ‘advise’ and ‘advice’ There are a lot of confusing words in English language. There are words…

Difference between ‘advise’ and ‘advice’

There are a lot of confusing words in English language. There are words sounding the same and similar spellings but with different meanings. As for example ’advice’ and ‘advise’.
The pronunciations of these two words are the same and there is a difference of only a single letter. These words are interrelated and they are the same part of speech, however the difference is between their uses.
Both these words share the same origin and come from the old French word ‘avys’ meaning opinion. The word has come from ’ce m’est à vis’ which expresses an individual’s personal opinion. This phrase is used before expressing an opinion about a perception. The actual source of the  word is ‘vis’ that means ‘to see’.

The Spanish Portuguese version of the word is ‘adviso’ and the Italian version is ‘adviso’. As far as the Latin model is concerned,‘d’ is added to the word where the ‘ad’ is added as a prefix to indicate direction. This took place the early 15th century and by that time the word was transformed into ‘advys’ or ‘advyse’. So from the word vis or avis, the word got transformed to ‘advys’ or ‘advyse’.

Before the 18th century the meaning for the word ‘advise’ was same as a verb or as a noun. Thus two different parts of speech can use the same word. Later on the scholars differentiated the words as in advise as a verb and advice as a noun.

As for example
He advised me to listen to his advice.

Advise is a verb and advice is a noun.
Advice originated before the word advice.

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