Akbar vs. Jahangir

Difference Between Akbar and Jahangir Akbar and Jahangir have been two Mughal emperors in the History of Indian.…

Difference Between Akbar and Jahangir

Akbar and Jahangir have been two Mughal emperors in the History of Indian. They ruled over northern and central India. Akbar’s complete name is Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar. Jahangir was his son. His full name is Nur-ud-din Slim Jahangir.

Akbar was born in 1542 and died In 1605. He was only 13 when he was throned in turbulant times. His son Jahangir was born in 1569  and became the emperor in the age of 35 after the death of Akbar. He died in 1627.

Akbar became third emperor of his dynasy after his father Humayun. Jahangir was the fouth emperor who ascended the trhone after Akbar. It is said that Akbar was greatly influenced by Sekh Salim Chisti, a great muslim sage, after whose blessings Jahangir was born and named after his name. Akbar respected the sage greately. He built Sikri his capital as Salim Chisti lived there. Later he shifted his capital from Sikri to Agra.

Akbar defeated the Hindu King Hem Chander, commonly known as Hemu in the famous second battle of Panipat in 1556. After his ascending the throne, it took him about twenty years to establish his empire firmly. He included many small kingdoms under his rule. He was the only Mughal Emperor who could unify the greater part of Indian as a country.

Sir Thomas Roe who visited Jahangir’s court has described Jahangir’s relationships with the rulers of other parts. He was a patron of arts and liked them. Akbar loved scriptural literature. He established a special religion called Din E Ilahi which refers to tolerance for all religion. Thus Akbar was a secular emperor.  Akbarnama is book written by his court poet Abul Fuzel. Akbar also respected Hindu scriptures. He got them them translated into Persian. Akbar is called ‘Akbar the Great’ while Jahangir is not given such nomenclature.



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