Alpha Male vs. Beta Male – The Difference Between

The distinction between alpha male and beta male There are many ways in which men have been classified.…

The distinction between alpha male and beta male

There are many ways in which men have been classified. Two of these are the terms alpha male and beta male. Both refer to specific characteristics that can be seen in the male members of the population of the world.

About the Alpha Male

Alpha male is the term used to describe a man who displays leadership qualities. Such a person is dominant, self-assured, confident, powerful and aggressive. A male with these traits is usually front and center and is able to take on challenging tasks. They are on top of things and are able to take control of a situation no matter what the circumstances may be. The physical characteristics of the alpha male are described as being tall with a straight back, square shoulders and an outward thrust of the chest.

About the Beta Male

A beta male is one who is described as having slumped shoulders and bent spines. Their heads are usually bent as well. A man categorized as a beta male has great difficulty standing up for his beliefs and are usually followers doing the bidding of others. They generally have low self-esteem and do not have a lot of self-confidence in their own abilities.

Difference between the Alpha male and the Beta male

Some say that every man has two sides – an Alpha side and a Beta side. They switch back and forth depending on the situation. The description of the posture of each one does not have anything to do with social or economic status.

All Alpha males have leadership capabilities, but this is not to say that all leaders are Alpha males. There are also leaders who fit the Beta male profile. In corporate settings, for example, it depends on the strategies and qualifications one has that determine how quickly one rises to the top.  Alpha males are generally seen to have more of a seductive nature when speaking of romance.

All men have unique attributes that make each one unique, regardless of being an Alpha or a Beta male. Some women gravitate towards Alpha males, where others prefer Beta males. There is no need to worry about what category you fit in as long as you are a responsible and caring person and that you always do your best.


  • An Alpha male is one who displays leadership qualities. This man is aggressive and has a physical presence in an upward thrust to the chest, head held high, and a straight back with square shoulders.
  • Beta males tend to have a bent head and spine and slumped shoulders. They tend to have low self-esteem and not a lot of confidence in their own abilities.
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