Alzheimer’s vs. Senility

Difference Between Alzheimer’s and Senility Alzheimer is a disease commonly affecting people of the age of 65 years.…

Difference Between Alzheimer’s and Senility

Alzheimer is a disease commonly affecting people of the age of 65 years. It causes loss of memory. It adversely affects a person’s cognitive function in daily life. On the other hand, senility is a result of weakness in old age. It is not a disease. Almost all persons in old age suffer from senility. It causes mental and physical deterioration in old age which is natural in human being. Alzheimer is a disease resulting from the death of brain cells gradually. People are not able to recognize the difference between the two as their symptoms are the same.


Every year millions of people get affected by Alzheimer’s disease in America. It has increased alarmingly during a few decades. A person’s memory who is suffering from Alzheimer’s decays gradually causing the inability to think and finally resulting in cognitive malfunctioning. Old people suffering from Alzheimer’s die earlier than a normally old person. The disease began mostly when a person crosses the age of 60. But the real cause of the disease is not known yet. In Alzheimer, more proteins in the brain entangle the functions of the cells in nerves and disturb the communication between brain cells. Ultimately these cells begin to die. It is sad that the disease cannot be averted. Yet chances of it may really be lowered by living a healthy life. Green and leafy vegetables can surely lessen the chances of Alzheimer. Physical exercises and activities in old age are helpful. The factors behind the increase in the disease include anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, anger etc.


Senile decay is not a disease. However its symptoms are more or less similar to Alzheimer’s dementia. It is common in old age people. It is a natural decay of body and brain in old age. Common symptoms include loss of memory, decayed mental functioning and cognitive abilities. These conditions may be the result of smoking, imbalance in hormones, alcoholism, depression and malnutrition. A senile person has not the same ability of thinking memory as they had when they were young. With passage of time, the condition becomes worse. The only way of avoiding senility is the healthy life style and health food.



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