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American Red Cross, AmeriCare And CARE: How Does Each Differ? Whenever there are any natural calamities that seriously…

American Red Cross, AmeriCare And CARE: How Does Each Differ?

Whenever there are any natural calamities that seriously affect the lives of thousands of people, these three organizations based on the United States—American Red Cross, AmeriCare and CARE—are always present to help and serve as the bridge for ordinary citizens who want to reach out their help. During the devastating disaster in Haiti and Peru, these three were present to offer money, food, clothing and other necessities. Take a look at how each of these big relief groups is able to take part and contribute to others in times of needs.

What Are Their Contributions?

When it comes to personal help through medical related professionals, American Red Cross and its volunteers are well known for it. This is the main contribution of the group though they also send in other necessities aside from medical help. On the other hand, AmeriCare focuses on providing funds or financial assistance through their various sponsorships. Finally, CARE aims to spread awareness and alleviate the base economical status of individuals in a certain area.

How Do They Reach Out To People?

As previously stated, American Red Cross as well as AmeriCare always have their volunteers to send when needed by others. They prepare their people through some printed or web published guides on their site for how they can aid, how they should help and how particular situations are not allowable for sending them in.

When there are no national disasters that require their aid, American Red Cross continues on humanitarian work by blood donation campaigns. In addition to this, they help families with members who are sent to war as well as those who are poor.

As for the other two organizations, they continue to conduct fundraisers to raise enough funds to help others as well as education of their team members. With CARE however, support movement for women are also given great importance throughout their campaigns.  These organizations will require volunteers for various positions to perform different tasks such as coordinators, leaders, advisors, writers, and medical professionals

How Else Do They Serve Others?

American Red Cross holds an annual event for hosting blood bank donations as well as a widespread awareness campaign regarding calamity preparation all over the country. This organization also allows many individuals to take part with their campaigns for assisting shelters and holding philanthropy works that give away clothes, shelter and other necessities for most of the U.S. citizens who are sent outside for military work. AmeriCare on the other hand set up free medical checkups through health centers. As for CARE, their other humanitarian movements include their own networking site for different purposes that allow updates and effective information dissemination to those who have signed up and would want to volunteer for their events.

How Are They Similar And Different?

It is very apparent that though American Red Cross, AmeriCare and CARE are three organizations that are well known for their humanitarian acts, there are also some differences among them. These include:

  • The importance that CARE gives towards spreading and improving every individual’s knowledge
  • The widespread coverage of American Red Cross and AmeriCare as the country to the whole world’s top relief groups when it comes to any disaster of great scales.
  • The encouragement of American Red Cross and AmeriCare for participation from any individual able and willing to donate any resource—food, clothe, shelter, necessities and even blood—as well as get educated and prepared as a volunteer member through their website.


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