AMIE vs. BE – The Difference Between

How BE and AMIE are different There are different types of qualifications and certifications in the field of…

How BE and AMIE are different

There are different types of qualifications and certifications in the field of engineering. Two of the most common are BE and AMIE. In order to know what certifications would be best for you, it is important to understand the difference between the two.

BE means Bachelor of Engineering and is a four year degree program offered at a university. AMIE means Associate Member of Indian Institution of Engineers. It is awarded by the Institution of Engineering after an applicant has successful passed an exam that consists of two parts, the first of which is project work. In India, an AMIE is regarded as being the equivalent of a BE for the purposes of writing a government exam to be hired to work as an engineer.

Even though the government of India does not distinguish between an AMIE and a BE, there are private companies that hire engineers that prefer applicants that hold a BE.

The Institution of Engineers was established in Calcutta in 1920 to provide a non-formal education and certification service for those who could not afford the costs of attending university to study for a BE. Those who pass the qualifying examination as created by this association are deemed to have the qualifications equivalent to those attained by the people who graduated with a degree in engineering. This allows them to qualify for jobs in various governmental departments.

The qualifying exam consists of Section A and Section B. All applicants are required to complete the first section, but the second section can be different because an applicant can write this part of the exam in a topic of engineering in which he/she wants to specialize.


  1. In order to obtain a BE (Bachelor of Engineering) degree, you must pursue a four year program at an engineering university.
  2. In order to obtain an AMIE certificate, you must pass the qualifying exam provided by the IE (Institution of Engineering).
  3. Both the BE and AMIE are considered to be equivalent when it comes to being hired by the government in India.


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