Apes vs. Gorillas – The Difference Between

How apes and gorillas are different Some people confuse apes and gorillas by thinking that they are the…

How apes and gorillas are different

Some people confuse apes and gorillas by thinking that they are the same mammals. This is not true because there are some differences between them. A gorilla is a type of ape, but an ape is not a type of gorilla, and the gorilla is just one type of ape. Another is the chimpanzee.

Gorillas have brown hair on their bodies. Other types of apes have black hair, and this is one of the main differences between the two. There are also differences in the physical appearance of apes and gorillas. Gorillas tend to have small eyes and ears, but their face is very large. Apes, on the other hand, have large ears, and many of them have very small faces.

Some types of apes, such as the monkey, have a tail. The gorilla does not have a tail and they eat a different diet than apes. Gorillas are herbivores, which mean they only eat plants, whereas apes are omnivores and have plants and animals in their diet. Another major difference between apes and gorillas is that their physical structure is very similar to that of humans. There are many apes that have no resemblance to humans whatsoever.

The word “ape” comes from the term “Apa” which is believed to be the sound that apes make. It is a representation of the word “ape” and in this way it is onaomatopoeic. This means that it imitates the sound made by the animals and in this way it became word in the English language.


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