Army vs. National Guard – The Difference Between

How are the Army and the National Guard are different? The Army is one of the seven uniformed…

How are the Army and the National Guard are different?

The Army is one of the seven uniformed branches of the Armed Forces of the United States. It does play a major role in providing assistance in any situations where a military presence is needed or can be of help in any way. It came into being on June 3, 1784 just after the country gained its independence from Great Britain in the American Revolution.

The Army comes under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Defense. It has the responsibility of providing support to the Defense Strategies and National Security Strategies. There are over one million soldiers in the National Army. The highest ranking official has the title of Chief of Staff of the Army.

The National Guard is one part of the Army and it has many sub-units in every one of the states in the country. The governor gives the orders to the National Guard. Its responsibilities consist mainly of providing assistance in emergency situations, such as disastrous flood, hurricanes and tornadoes. A unit or a member of this branch of the Army can enlist as a part of the regular force and be recognized as a part of the reserve forces. The responsibility of the National Guard does extend beyond state borders because they can be called to assist in situations involving the whole country, such as national disasters or invasion, on the orders of the President.

What is the difference between the Army and the National Guard?

Both the Army and the National Guard are two branches of the United States Armed Forces, but they are different in the roles they play and the services they provide. The National Guard was actually created by the Army, which means that essentially the Army is a higher authority. The Army has its own agenda and plans its own activities, but the National Guard provides assistance to the Army when they are called upon by the Governor or the President.

The Army is under the command of the Chief of Staff, but the Governor is the commander of the National Guard. The soldiers of the National Guard are not enlisted personnel and are sometimes referred to as civilian soldiers. They pursue careers while they are part of this regiment and they are not full-time soldiers. The soldiers in the Army are enlisted and the Army is their career. Their work dress is their uniform.

The federal government is the authority for the Army, but the National Guard comes under the state and federal government authority. Those who are members of the National Guard provide assistance in times of disaster as well as domestic duties for the good of the state or the country. In addition to the differences in the duties that they carry out, there is also a difference in the numbers of men and women involved in each component, with the army having the most soldiers.


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