B Cells Vs. T Cells

Difference Between B Cells And T Cells Both B cells and T sells are related to producing immunities…

Difference Between B Cells And T Cells

Both B cells and T sells are related to producing immunities but there are subtle differences in their operations
B Cells.
When confronted with a specific enemy agent, some B cells are programmed to produce immune molecules called antibodies that recognize the chemical fingerprints of the foreign antigen. Each antibody is made up of long chains of smaller units in a pattern. The smaller units are amino acids, and it is their pattern that matches the chemical fingerprints of a specific foreign antigen—much like a lock and key match each other.
Antibodies do not attack the enemy directly. In battle with foreign invaders, some antibodies may call phagocytic cells to the battleground, mark the enemy so that it can be recognized and destroyed, or empty out the enemy cell by punching holes in its surface.
When the enemy agent has been defeated, other B cells store information about the invader for the future. If the foreign agent invades the body again, these memory B cells quickly recognize the foreign antigen and signal the production of antibodies to begin.
T Cells.
There are four kinds of T cells: T helper cells, cytotoxic T cells, suppressor T cells, and memory T cells. The immune response begins with the command from the T helper cells. They recognize the invader, then call in and train other immune cells, including B cells and cytotoxic T cells. The cytotoxic (cell killing) T cells kill the enemy directly. T suppressor cells decide when the battle ends—they call a truce to the fighting and shut off the immune system. Memory T cells remain, ready to move quickly should the enemy invade again.

B Cells Vs. T Cells

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