Bachelor of Arts (BA) vs. Bachelor of Science (BSc) – The Difference Between

The difference between Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BSc) It is obvious that there are…

The difference between Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BSc)

It is obvious that there are clear differences between a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science because the two involve different courses in different programs that lead to university degrees. The courses that make up the BA program deal with the liberal arts and the courses that make up the BSc program deal with the sciences and Math. Students generally choose which of these degree programs they will follow based on what their career goals are.  Even if students are more oriented towards literature and the humanities and they need to take mainly Science courses, they can still take Arts courses as their electives and vice versa.

Just about every university offers the courses that lead to both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. Because specific courses fall under one degree program or another, it is best for students to always consult the syllabi of the courses to make sure they take the proper courses. For example, History is a discipline that falls under the BA program so one would assume that Geography would also be part of the same program. However, Geography is a discipline that falls under the BSc program.

The Bachelor of Science takes its name from the Latin term Scientiae Baccalaurean. Students generally major in one Science, such as Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Biochemistry and so on. These courses involve experimentation, theoretical study and the solution of problems using mathematical equations.  The courses involve a lot of laboratory work and the use of computers and technology.

The courses that are part of the Bachelor of Arts program are designed to encourage research and reading. There are no rigid boundaries regarding the fields that are included in the wide range of disciplines that make up the Arts and students are encouraged to take a wide variety of courses, while choosing one discipline in which to major.

BA and BSc are undergraduate university degree programs and one is not better than the other. Some do say that there are more employment opportunities available with a BSc and that a BA is more of a general degree that is a stepping stone to further education. Which program a student decides to follow depends on the interest and career goals.


  1. Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs are undergraduate university degrees.
  2. Both involve a four-year program.
  3. A BA is better for those who want to work in the humanities, but a BSc is better for those who want to work in the science and technology field.


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