Barley vs. Oats

Difference Between Barley And Oats The oats is known since Neolithic times and is grown in cold countries…

Difference Between Barley And Oats

The oats is known since Neolithic times and is grown in cold countries and the Alps up to 1800 m height. It is a plant mainly used to feed horses. However it is considered an excellent food for human also. For human consumption, it is processed into flour or used in the preparation of soups and baby food. There are different varieties of oats. Oats with the skin is known as heavy oats. It has a higher content of crude fiber. So it is considered of a lower biological value. Oats without skin contains more crude fiber and therefore it is less organically valuable. It also has a good content of minerals, especially calcium, magnesium, potassium, silicon and iron. It also contains Antioxidants that prevent rancidity fat and, when distilled, is used for the production of whiskey.

The barley has been cultivated since ancient times and is an important grain for feeding livestock. Man is also a major user of barley. It is used for the production of bread, coffee, and many other food preparations.

The malt is obtained from the germinated seeds of barley is used for the preparation of many baby foods and baked goods. There are many varieties of barley which have different nutritional value. Barley is very easy to digest. It is highly energetic and is rich in vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium. It contains Vitamin PP, E, calcium and iron. It has also remarkable medicinal properties.


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