Beef vs. Veal

Difference Between Beef And Veal The beef is the meat of a cow slaughtered between the age of…

Difference Between Beef And Veal

The beef is the meat of a cow slaughtered between the age of 1 and 4 years. It is tasty and nutritious. It provides high amount of fat. Veal is the meat of a calf of a cow which is slaughtered at the age between 5 to 7 months. Its flesh is white in color as a calf of this age is fed with only milk of its mother.

Beef is the meat of castrated cattle aged between 1 and four years. It is preferred because castrated cattle have more fat. So, their meat is tastier. The meat of castrated cattle is more nutritious and tasty. As a result more and more young and castrated animals are slaughtered for meat. Generally, cattle keep feeding their mothers till the age of 90 days. It is called the weaning period. After this period the phase of fattening follows which goes on until the age of a year. The adult period follows suit. At this age an animal is fed abundantly so as to facilitate more and more fat. The beef obtained from such animals is bright red in color. It may be light yellow in color depending on the variety of the animal. After the slaughter the skin of the animal is removed. The head and tail are annexed. The meat is cut lengthwise between the eighth and tenth vertebrae. The hind and the front quarters are finest. Some of the valuable parts of the beef are fiber, remains, slices and white side of underarms.

On the other hand veal is the meat obtained from a cow calf slaughtered between the age of 5 and 7 months. So, it is slaughtered before it completes the age of a year. It has not been castrated like a beef (which has completed the age of one year). The meat of a calf is white and tender as the animal is in its early age. The meat of the animal at this age is little fatty. It contains a lot of water and has little amount of iron. It has a delicate flavor more than a beef.

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