Benign vs. Malignant

Difference Between Benign and Malignant Benign and Malignant are the adjective in English which describe many conditions. They…

Difference Between Benign and Malignant

Benign and Malignant are the adjective in English which describe many conditions. They are especially used to describe tumor in human body. A tumor is structure in the body which can be solid or filled by a fluid. It may or may not contain neoplasmic cells. In case of neoplasm, there is an uncontrolled proliferation of cells. These can be classified as benign and malignant.


A benign tumor is non progressive and mild. Generally, a benign tumor is assigned with the suffix ‘oma’ to the type of cell. Well differentiated cells are contained in the benign tumors. The cells of this type of tumor are of normal dimension. They are arranged like in normal tissues. These cells grow slowly. The benign type does not show seeding of area.


This type of tumor is progressive and severe. Sarcoma is tumor which is of mesenchymal origin and carcinoma is another tumor which is of epithelial origin. They are in various stages of differentiation and have various sizes of cell dimension. The cells are haphazardly arranged. They are not like the usual tissue. They grow rapidly. They do not have normal blood supply. Malignant neoplasm is distributed in the body through lymphatic pathway, hematogenic pathway and through body cavities.

Difference between Benign and Malignant

Both Malignant and Benign tumors occur as a result of abnormal cell proliferation. They can result in expanding mass producing pressure symptoms. Sometimes, a surgery may be required to manage these pressures. A benign tumor is has a typical cell structure while a malignant tumor has an abnormal cell structure. A benign tumor is well differentiated while a malignant tumor is not well differentiated. A benign tumor grows slowly and steadily while a malignant tumor grows fast in an erratic manner. Benign tumor has good blood supply while malignant tumor has no such supply. It spread through different pathways. A benign tumor is restricted to a single location and a surgery is sufficient to treat it. On the other hand a malignant tumor spreads everywhere and cannot be controlled easily and chemotherapy and radiography are helpful in its treatment.


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