Black Iridium vs. Warm Grey Lenses

What is the difference between black iridium lenses and warm grey lenses? If you are in the market…

What is the difference between black iridium lenses and warm grey lenses?

If you are in the market for a pair of Oakley glasses, then you know that there are many options to choose from in lenses. Two of the most popular lenses are black iridium and warm grey. Those who lead an active lifestyle in all countries of the world want to be in style and wear only Oakleys. The reason that black iridium and warm grey are the popular choices is because they have advanced features and you can wear them no matter what the lighting conditions may be.

In the area of iridium lenses, there are still options for you to consider because there are different coatings that reduce the amount of glare and balance the levels of transmission of light. All the Oakley glasses have the patented polarization that reduces 99% of the glare that can cause eye strain without causing any sense of haziness or distortion that is often found in other brand name sunglasses. Warm grey lens are designed to be used in medium bright sunlight.

Black Iridium Lenses

Only 10% of the light will be able to get through black iridium lenses because they have an index of 3. The base of the lens is grey and there is a coating of black iridium. They are neutral and are designed for use in settings where the light is extremely bright. When you are outdoors in bright sunlight, they are very soothing on the eyes, but they are not suited for wearing when you are driving.

If you are taking photos outdoors, the black iridium lenses are the best ones to use, but they are not a good choice when it if foggy or cloudy. This lens does not enhance color, but they are great for spending time at the beach or on the ski slopes. This is because it cuts back on the glare so you will not have to squint and you can look around you in comfort.

Warm Grey Lenses

Like the black iridium lenses, warm grey lenses have an index of 3 and only permit 10% of the light to shine through. Even though they don’t have a special coating, they are great sunglasses to wear in bright sunlight, but they are still inferior to black iridium.

If you enjoy boating early in the morning or in the evening, warm grey lenses are the best ones to choose. They offer the maximum blockage of light and provide you with a soothing view of your surroundings.


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