Black Pipe vs. Galvanized Pipe

The difference between black pipe and galvanized pipe Steel pipes that are used in homes and commercial buildings…

The difference between black pipe and galvanized pipe

Steel pipes that are used in homes and commercial buildings can be one of two types – black and galvanized. These are the pipes used to carry water and gas and are therefore essential in every building because they have to be run from the main pipelines that connect to the building. They are completely different from each other and must be used in different situations.

Black pipes

These are the pipes that are most commonly used in homes and businesses. They are used to carry gas and water throughout the inside of the buildings and are made of steel. They are also the pipes used in sprinkling systems for putting out fires because they have a high level of resistance to fire and heat. This is why they are used in placed where heating and cooling water needs to be carried to various rooms.

Gas lines use black pipes and even appliances that need to be connected to supply lines must use black pipes as well. They are very easy to install because they can be connected with arc welding or with couplings. They should not be used for the supply of drinking water.

Galvanized pipes

Galvanized pipes are also steel pipes but there is a coating of zinc added so that they are safe to use for carrying drinking water. The addition of the zinc makes the steel durable and less corrosive. They were introduced to the market about three decades ago and are now being used all over the world in construction projects.

One of the problems with galvanized pipe is that after a while the zinc starts to flake. This is the main reason why these pipes are not suitable for use as gas lines. The zinc will accumulate and choke off the line.

Some of the most common uses for galvanized pipe are scaffolding and railings. They are also expensive and they corrode faster than pipes made of copper. The zinc flakes can also cause these pipes to burst.

Even though there are a wide variety of different pipes available today, black and galvanized continue to be popular. It is important that they not be joined under any circumstances.


  1. Both black and galvanized pipes are made of steel.
  2. Black pipe does not have a zinc coating, but galvanized pipe does.
  3. Black pipe is more suited to carrying gas because it corrodes easily. Galvanized pipe is more suited to carrying water.
  4. Galvanized pipe costs more, but it is more durable.


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