Bromocresol Blue vs. Bromocresol Purple

A brief overview of the difference between Bromocresol Blue and Bromocresol Purple In order to check the level…

A brief overview of the difference between Bromocresol Blue and Bromocresol Purple

In order to check the level of acidity or basicity in a solution, several different compounds are used. All solutions have a pH value that can range from 0 to 14. Those that have acidic values more than 7 are said to be basic, while those with pH values of less than 7 are very acidic. A pH value of 7 means the solution is neutral.

Scientists use pH indicators to check these levels and two of the best are Bromocresol Blue and Bromocredol Purple. They are both used in analytical chemistry and in biology. Even though they perform the same function, they are different.

Bromocresol Purple

Bromocresol Purple is a pH indicator used mainly for educational purposes. It does not pose any health problems and is not reactive. Therefore it is not hazardous, but it has to be used with caution. It is sodium salt and for this reason if you accidentally gets some of it in your eyes, they must be washed out immediately. You have to use lots of water on your eyes for at least fifteen minutes and lift the eyelids very often. If you accidentally swallow some of the compound, you have to immediately call poison control. If you only inhale it, though, breathing fresh air will help you breathe normally. This substance is not flammable and fumes only come from it when it is heated to the point where it will start to decompose. It has to be stored in a well-ventilated area.

Bromocresol Blue

There is no odor from Bromocresol Blue, which is a powder that is greenish violet in color. It is non-flammable and if it is accidentally swallowed the treatment is to drink two cups of milk to induce vomiting. It does have very strong fumes when it is heated to the point of decomposition. Even though it is not considered hazardous, you must be careful when using it. If it accidentally gets into your eyes, it will take some time using excess water to wash out your eyes to eliminate it.

This pH indicator is mainly used in acid base titrations when a weak acid is titrated with a weak base. When the pH indicator for a value less than 6 it will turn yellow and it will turn blue if the value is higher than 7.6. The neutral value of 7 has the color green.

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