Bullying vs. Harassment

Difference Between Bullying and Harassment Bullying and harassment are behaviors that are faced by people in different places…

Difference Between Bullying and Harassment

Bullying and harassment are behaviors that are faced by people in different places like as schools, office, and other public places. Though they may seem similar, there are huge differences between bullying and harassment.

Bullying is common among children where they show abnormal aggression towards other kids. This is an psychologically offensive, cruel and intimidating behavior. It is very common for a group of school kids to bully weaker students by hurting them, throwing stuffs like bags, water bottles copies and trying to have fun at the expense of their misery. Bullying is a problem that concerns relation and is more seen amongst kids or adolescents. Along the harassment issues instances of bullying is also there at offices but the fact is that while harassment can be dealt with and put an end to, it is difficult to terminate the bullies. Workplace bullying goes on without others knowing about it.

Harassment is the act of bullying at an adult and mature level and is often seen in workplace. Harassment happens more subtly at workplace or at other public places. As for example people are quietly waiting for their turn to get movie tickets and someone barges in from side and tries to get his tickets first. People feel hurt and insulted but fail to communicate as the person/group who is the initiator of such harassment is more powerful than them. Harassment is all about one or more people forming a group and creating separation based on race, color of skin, age, sex, religion disability etc. Harassment is a human rights issue. Bullying happens as the people who engage in the act thinks that the targets are better than them. However the one engages in harassment singles out people who different than others due to different skin color, race or gender.

Harassment happens due to discrimination while bullying happens due to jealousy and insecurity. Bullies try to counter their own inferiority complex while harassers derive pleasure by targeting people and traumatizing them.


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