Can_Could vs. Be Able To

Difference Between Can_Could and Be Able To ‘Be able to’ and can /could are different from each other…

Difference Between Can_Could and Be Able To

‘Be able to’ and can /could are different from each other in terms of usage. Can should be used to indicate the idea of ​​possibility as in the sentence ‘I can do the job’. This only gives the idea that ‘it is possible for me to do the job’. The same is true for ‘could’.

On the other hand ‘could’ is used as past tense of can, as in the sentence’ I could go ‘. This sentence means that ‘it was possible for me to go’. Now the primary use of can and could is to specify the sense of possibility.

‘Could is also used when we want to say that we had the ability to do something, but we did not try to do as in the sentence,’ I could have married someone I loved ‘. The meaning of the sentence is that ‘I had the ability to marry but I didn’t try it then’.

The sentences with ‘can’ often provide information on the conduct or nature of the object or location in which he describes as ‘the city of Brisbane can be very hot in summer’. Generally ‘could’ is used for talking about the past as in the sentence’ My brother could be very caring at times ‘.

‘Be able to’ is used to indicate the overall ability as in the sentence ‘You are able to dance for sure’. It should be noted that the use of ‘be able to’ is obviously not as common as the use of ‘can’ and ‘could’. ‘Be able to’ is also used to speak of future capacity as in the sentence ‘one day you will be able to dance’. This sentence is different from the sentence ‘one day you can do it ‘.


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