Capitalism Vs. Environmentalism

Difference Between Capitalism And  Environmentalism With the ever increasing population of the world as well as the increase…

Difference Between Capitalism And  Environmentalism

With the ever increasing population of the world as well as the increase in the demand of the consumer, there is and even more impossibility of reconciliation of environmentalism and capitalism. In order to make this Earth a healthy and a fit place to live, in the near future and also to meet up the ever increasing demands as well as the needs of the market, a debate always exists between the environmentalists and capitalists. However, the priorities of both the concepts are so contrasting that they can never be one. Capitalism is possibly the utmostuniversal economic system that exists and is an arrangement where the means of manufacture as well ascirculation are privately retained and operated for the purpose of earning profit. Capitalists arebasically certain private individuals that are used to making their own resolutions regarding supply, distribution, demand, rate and investments. There is minimum amount of or rather no interference from side of the government from the direction point of view. Turnover is shared among the owners who had invested in the businesses, and the salaries are paid to those employeesthat are employed by the businesses.

Capitalism can be defined as a thoughtful system relating to the mixed economy, providing the chief means of industrial developmentall around the world. Modifications of these arelaissez-faire capitalism,neo-capitalism,anarcho-capitalism,finance capitalism, corporate capitalism, crony capitalism, state monopoly capitalism, late capitalism, post-capitalism, state capitalism and techno capitalism. Capitalism aims at encouraging the growth in the economy while additionallyestablishingimportantchanges in wealth as well as income. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the standard for the measure of the growth. Supportersare of the opinion that an increase in the GDP (per capita) results in the much improved living standards that include improvised food availability, much improved availability as well as facility of health case, clothing and housing. They also say that individuals have a much better scope of increasing their income by means of business or new professions in case of capitalist economy. However a lot of people do criticize capitalism as for example the environmentalists are of the opinion that as capitalism needs continuous growth in the economy,it results in a depletion of the limited natural resources that are present on the earth.

Environmentalism is a very philosophical as well as a social movement that aim atmaintaining the conservation of the environment as well as its improvement and it came into existence due to the coalition of the concepts of Capitalism as well as the Industrial revolution. The appearance of factories as well as the usage of a large amount of coal as well as other fossil fuels resulted in the formation of unwanted pollution of the air and the hugeamount of chemical discharged from the industries add on to the increased amount of untreated wastes of humans. Environmentalism formed as a result of amovement that came into being as a reaction against industrializationthat resulted in increased pollution in the water well as air, decrease in several valuable natural resources etc. In its acknowledgment of humanity as an important aspect of the ecosystems, the campaign is centered on ecology, health, and human rights. It supports thesecurity of the natural resources of the earth as well as the eco systems by trying to influence the political process by means of education, lobbying and activism. Environmentalists support as well as promote the environment and also the maintainableorganization of its assetsBy ,means of changing the public policy as well as the behavior of the individual by means of supporting the practices that include encouraging the paper waste management and also by trying to use the non-renewable sources of the earth as less as possible.


1) Environmentalismand form two different and contrasting views as regards the optimization of resources of the nature are concerned, in order tospeak for the consumer needs.

2) Capitalism is basically a profit-based concept and its basic aim is the improvement of the living standards by means of providing goods as well as jobs to the customers.

3) Environmentalism ends up criticizing the exploitation of nature as well as its resources as well as environmental damage that occurs in case of Capitalism. It supportsmaintainablerunning of all the natural resources and also discourages one to lead aa wasteful lifestyle.


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