Carnality vs. Spirituality

Difference between Carnality and Spirituality Carnality and Spirituality are two distinctive kinds of ways of leading lives. Carnality…

Difference between Carnality and Spirituality

Carnality and Spirituality are two distinctive kinds of ways of leading lives. Carnality is relative to the consummation of a physical affiliation and an urge for flesh. Conversely, spirituality is pertinent to the wish for achieving of liberation which forms one of the major variations between the two methods of living life in a Carnal and a Spiritual manner. There is a general belief that carnality results in an act of sin and becomes a source of displeasure to the Gods. In accordance to the innumerable religions throughout the world, the longing for flesh and the materialistic gratification would ultimately lead to a life of sin. Spirituality, on the other hand paves a path towards heaven and an accomplishment of a state of spirituality. Through spirituality, one does not return again to this world of mortals.

The terms, carnality and spirituality are both variants pertaining to their system of existence as well as in their implication. The sub-division of people may easily be made into two distinct categories, that is, spiritual and carnal. Spirituality is more relative to the service of the Almighty through serving of humanity. This is essentially due to the fact that in accordance to the holy saints, service to humanity results in service to God. Therefore, if you serve humanity, you in turn serve God which is the ultimate objective of spirituality. A spiritual person abstains from carnal desires and a sexual life.

A person with carnality would always wish to whet his physical appetite through a sexual life that is related to the pleasures of the female body. The enjoyment of a carnal person is derived through sex. There is a firm belief amongst people having a carnality that through the pleasure of having sex is also one of the ways of aspiring God. This lot of people belongs to the group of sex mongers and nudists that perceive the existence of the Almighty in physical associations. The connotation of the term, Carnal is derived from the Greek word, “Sarkinos”, which means “pertaining to the flesh or made of flesh”. Hence it is presumed that a man obsessed with carnal desires is both dominated and is under the firm control by the desire of flesh which forms his base appetite.

While the spiritual followers exist by hearing, the carnal people live through fear. Spirituality survives on exactness and precision, Carnality stay alive through physical excitement. The concept of spirituality is based on principle and oscillates around it, carnality is preference oriented. A spiritual person is controlled by the good judgement of oneness with the Almighty; he derives pleasure in the service of humanity and God where a carnal person requires alternatives. Where spirituality takes commands, carnality makes demands on the flesh.

The fundamental principles of carnality and spirituality differ from each other in the sense, while carnality is a trust in the invisible, the trust reposed in the invisible God is spirituality, which is a major difference between the two.

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