Cedar Vs. Spruce

Difference Between Cedar And Spruce The pine is a large and diversified family tree with over 250 species…

Difference Between Cedar And Spruce

The pine is a large and diversified family tree with over 250 species that can grow up to 100 meters height. Many popular commercial trees spruce, hemlock, larch, pine, cedar and firs are members of this whole clan.

Cedar is mostly found to the mountains of the Himalayas and the Mediterranean Sea. They grow as high as 60 feet and have a spice like scent to their wood. The bark of this tree is very thick and large branches with green colored leaves

Cedar can be classified into three categories:

Deodar cedar

Lebanese or the Turkish variety of cedar

Cyprus cedar

Atlas variety of cedar

The tree of cedar is embellished with various other uses. Cedar Wood is broadly used for making furniture that is meant for indoor as well as outdoor. It is also used as building material and as food for the chests and cupboards .Its scent is used for killing insects.

The same odor caused by cedar produces oil storage products produced by the crumble and mold resistant. It lasts long, has a degree of stability, very lightweight to name a few. Cedar wood effectively absorbs moisture and also has deodorizing properties so it is suitable for clogs.

Cedar oil is very popular because of its anti-seborrheic, antifungal, antiseptic, tonic, and insect repellent, expectorant and emollient properties. It is used to treat eczema, dandruff, acne and itchy.

Spruce is a tree that is mostly found in temperate regions and Taiga. They can also be up to 60 meters high and has a needle-like leaves, but has whorled branches. There are about 35 species of spruce, and it is used extensively for varied purposes.

One of the most important applications is as paper. Long fibers are relevant to the making of strong paper. For building purpose spruce wood is turned into crates, three planes, and tons of wood for musical instruments like guitar, violin, cello and piano sound board.

After login, it is prone to rot and is suitable for indoor use. It is edible, however, and oil that can be done to spruce beer, the pins can be provided and spruce tip syrup can be made, and sap can be made into gum.

As Cedar Fir is tree embellished beautifully. Its roots are useful in the sense that it can be made into baskets to sew together pieces of birch bark canoes used.


1. Cedar tree is mostly found in the Himalayas and the Mediterranean area, but pine is a tree that has its origin in temperate regions and Taiga.

2. Cedar tree is rot and decay resistant, but spruce does not possess this attribute.

3. Cedar tree is suitable for indoor and outdoor furniture, but the holes are intended for indoor use.

4. Cedar clearly has a scent that acts as an insecticide and it cannot be eaten but spruce is edible.



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