Chemistry vs. Chemical Engineering

Difference Between Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Chemistry and chemical engineering are two important science and engineering subjects, respectively.…

Difference Between Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Chemistry and chemical engineering are two important science and engineering subjects, respectively. While the chemistry is the fundamental subject of providing deep knowledge of matter, energy, and reactions between different substances, chemical engineering applies all the knowledge gained by the chemistry in the realization of material that is useful and effective for humanity. It can be called applied chemistry but then we really have a separate stream called applied chemistry, which is why the difference between chemistry and chemical engineering is all the more befuddling for people. This article will highlight the differences for the readers.

It’s through chemistry we get any understanding of the different substances and how they behave in particular conditions and also their interactions with other substances. It is the job of chemical engineers to utilize the relation between substances in the best possible way and to manufacture products and equipments that is useful for us. The knowledge gained through the study of chemistry is used heavily in chemical engineering by combining the principles of mathematics and physics to design and manufacture products that are not only safer but also make the job easier. In general, chemical engineering is of great help in various areas such as design, research and development, security, environmental security and management of waste materials.

Although the chemistry and the knowledge gained through the study of materials and their properties is at the heart of chemical engineering, chemical engineering is more concentrated on finding out the solution of practical problems and designing of useful and efficient products aiming at the security of human beings. The chemical engineering is an amalgamation of principles of chemistry with other branches of science such as physics and mathematics to discover designs that work in real life increasing efficiency and productivity. As against the common perception, the chemical engineers do not spend their time studying the fundamental properties of materials. Rather, they focus on making useful products from raw materials in the in the most cost efficient and safe manner.

While a chemist is more interested in understanding the fundamental processes involved in a chemical reaction, a chemical engineer is more interested applying the reaction in the best practical way as his job is to make the world safer and better by new processes and materials. So chemical engineering is the application of chemistry using other branches of science. A chemist will be better used in research laboratories where new drugs are made when a chemical engineer can get employed in all kinds of government and private industries.


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