Chevy vs. GMC

Difference between Chevy (Chevrolet) and GMC (General Motors Company) Perhaps two of the largely popular car brands in the…

Difference between Chevy (Chevrolet) and GMC (General Motors Company)

Perhaps two of the largely popular car brands in the industry are the Chevy and GMC. In this article, we will try to examine what makes these cars so popular and how they differ from one another.

For starters, GMC is an acronym for General Motors truck Company while Chevy is a short and more popular term for Chevrolet. GMC is more focused in manufacturing trucks, SUVs, and vans and interestingly comes up with vehicles that are more or less similar in appearance with their Chevy counterparts. Chevrolet or the Chevy, however, specializes in various car models like the sedans, subcompact cars and even trucks. Chevrolet trucks, in fact, have so far sold better than their GMC counterparts here in the U.S.

Most drivers though, claim that GMC made vehicles are far better equipped than Chevy vehicles. There is truth in this, especially when equipment for comfort and decorations are involved.

Looking back on the two companies histories, one can find apparent differences between them. On major distinction is that early models manufactured by GMC during the 60s were well known to sport quad headlights. While Chevy’s early vehicles are known to have dual headlights.

GMC also offers more variety when it involves the number of truck, van and SUV models they were able to manufacture, giving eager buyers and future drivers more options. Compared to GMC, Chevrolet has released fewer models of their vehicles.

These two brands though have been known to produce models that look like each other, leading to confusion among the buyers. GMC models are usually sold along with Pontiac and Buick, although, unfortunately not as much as Chevys are selling, which is often offered as entry-level cars. Still, both brands are very popular and GMC closely follows behind Chevrolet in terms of popularity.

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