Client Server Application vs. Web Application

Difference Between Client Server Application and Web Application In the domain of web, two kinds of applications are…

Difference Between Client Server Application and Web Application

In the domain of web, two kinds of applications are used namely, Client server application and web application. In client server, the applications running over the client side and accessing the remote server are known as client server applications while those running on the browser are known as web applications.

Client server application

It is a software application running in on the user or client side and makes requests to server or accesses information from it. To write these applications superior level languages are used. They also include user interface, forms and business logic. Nearly all applications of this kind include a database which makes queries stored on the remote server. When using a cross platform programming language, the application can be cross platform specific or otherwise it can be platform specific. The positive aspect in usage of cross platform language is that the application seems inborn to the operating system or the platform of client.

All the client server applications are bound to be mounted on the computer of the client. This task can possibly be easier or else might consume a lot of time due to application’s intricacy, how well the developer manages while packaging or the writing platform. A user’s computer or a kind of VNC , Citrix or terminal server working with the operating system for providing power, easy and rich interface, can accustom running these applications.

Web application

A web application is one that exclusively works on the browser of the user. The user is provided with a similar interface in a web application as the client server application provides. The interaction of the user and the functionality is also similar as in the client server application. The applications can work on any platform or operating system containing a web browser. For instance, a word processor that admits users for downloading data into their hard disk drives may also be a web application.

Powerful web applications include Yahoo mail and Gmail clients. AJAX provides most of the refinement to invent more alert web applications. WebEx, WebOffice, Google Apps and Microsoft Office Live are other examples of next generation web applications.


The interaction of a user with the server takes place through a user interface or application mounted on the side of the client while in web application the interaction takes place using web browser. Te client-server application is supposed to be mounted on the client’s machine while a web application works only on the browser. Client-server applications are platform specific while we applications are not dependent on platform and require only a web browser. Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live and Yahoo messenger are examples of client-server applications. Gmail, Microsoft Office Live, Google Apps and Yahoo mail are examples of web application.


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