Climate Change vs. Global Warming

The difference between climate changes and global warming Climate change and global warming are two problems that our…

The difference between climate changes and global warming

Climate change and global warming are two problems that our planet is facing today. They refer to two different things even though many people think they are one and the same. They are similar in that they are affecting weather patterns all over the world and causing a lot of unexpected changes. They are threats to not only the human race, but they threaten the existence for all life on the earth.

What is Climate Change?

Changes that take place in weather patterns over a long period of time is called climate change. Some of the factors that play a role in this occurrence are:

  • The average temperatures for night and day
  • The amount of precipitation
  • The humidity
  • The speeds of the wind
  • Air pressure

Storms can also be included in this list.  When changes can be seen in any of these factors over time, it is known as climate change.

An example of climate change is when a region starts receiving more rain than before and this continues for a period of 30 years or more. The amounts gradually increase over time. Some of the other factors that can affect climate change include volcanic eruptions, plate tectonics and changes in oceans. There are also human causes of this change.  Although climate change is a naturally occurring phenomenon, the activities of humans all over the world are accelerating the change in recent decades.

What is global warming?

When the temperature of the earth increases as a result of the emission of gases, it is called global warming. These gases, called Greenhouse Gases, are mainly sulphur, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. They come from large industries all over the world that burn raw materials for fuel and the emissions that come from vehicles.

More of the sun’s rays are reaching the earth’s surface and this is also leading to global warming.  Global warming is causing many changes to occur on the earth, such as changes in the land, the temperature and many species of plants and animals are becoming extinct. Glaciers are melting at a faster pace and this leads to an increase in the water levels of the ocean.

Difference between climate change and global warming

The earth is undergoing drastic changes because of climate change and global warming. Climate change is the changes that occur in weather over a long period of time and global warming refers to the rising temperature of the earth over time. Global warming is one of the causes of climate change because higher temperatures often cause increased rainfall. Human activities are the main causes of both with the air pollution that comes from factories and the increased number of vehicles on the roads.


  1. Climate change is the change that occurs in the weather in a region over time.
  2. Global warming means that the temperature on the earth is rising.
  3. Human activities are responsible for both.
  4. Global warming is one of the factors that cause climate change.


Global warming and climate change are threatening the existence of life on earth. Many of the changes in weather patterns are having negative effects on animals causing extinction, especially of rare species.  Even though there are many organizations working to increase the level of awareness about these two problems, much work still needs to be done.


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