Cloud vs. Fog

Difference Between Cloud and Fog Clouds and Fog are two natural weather phenomenons occurring in the sky. Clouds…

Difference Between Cloud and Fog

Clouds and Fog are two natural weather phenomenons occurring in the sky. Clouds are always found in the sky. A blue sky looks beautiful with white clouds over it. Clouds are crucial in weather and are an object of natural beauty. Fog is also a weather phenomenon. It looks like clouds but found at a low level. Fog is found at the surface of the earth. Both clouds and fog play a significant role in weather formation. Some people think clouds and fog as one thing. But they are significantly different from each other. Let us find out the difference between the two.


Water is always there in the sky in the form of water vapor irrespective of absence or presence of clouds in the sky. So we should not think that there is no water in the sky if there are no clouds in the sky. Clouds are formed as a result of condensation of water vapor in the sky. In the process of condensation water vapor is converted into the water. The clouds precipitate and the rain falls. Formation of cloud is necessary for the water cycle. Condensation is just the opposite of evaporation. In evaporation the water vapor are formed from the water on the earth and reach the sky. In the sky the process of condensation, the water vapor turned back in to the water which falls on the earth in the form of rains. Clouds are vapor in the condensed form. But clouds are formed not only from water vapor. Some other substances like dust particles and smoke are also mixed. These clouds precipitate and cause rain to happen.


Condensation not only can take place in the sky. Sometimes condensation can take place on the surface of the earth. When condensation of water vapor takes place on the earth’s surface, it is called fog. The fog is exactly what the clouds are in the sky. Thus difference between the two is that clouds are formed in the sky and fog is formed on the surface of the earth. Thus fog is clouds on the surface of the earth or in other words clouds are fog in the sky. Fog can be formed when warm air flows over a colder surface creating a fog. Thus basically there is no difference between the clouds and fog except the location where both are formed.


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