Communism Vs. Leninism

Difference Between Communism Vs. Leninism Leninism and Communism do not show a lot of difference as they are…

Difference Between Communism Vs. Leninism

Leninism and Communism do not show a lot of difference as they are related to one another certain minor differences do exist between these two concepts.

Communism, in reality, is nothing but the concept of socialism that believes that in a society which is undivided and which does not have any class, having each and every individual being treated as equals. Leninism is something is something which is a product of communism and is based on the political and economic point of view of VladimerIlyich Lenin.

The communism originated post Bolshevik revolution in the year of 1917 and the credit of popularizing it goes to Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx who did that in the book named ‘Communist Manifesto’. Leninism gained its popularity in the year 1922 and the reason that contributed to its spreading was the 5th Communist International Congress that was held in the year 1924 where Leninism was depicted as a part of the ideology of Karl Marx.

The main aim of communism is to bring about revolution in the economy while the same of Leninism is to revolutionarize the political system. Communism is of belief that the capitalism would vanish of its own, while Leninism believes that Capitalism is something that has to be eradicated from the roots.


  1. Leninism has been derived from Communism
  2. Communism was popularized by Marx while Leninism ginedpoplarity and spread after the 5th Communist International Congress.
  3. Communism is of the idea that capitalism will die of its own while Leninism is of the opinion that capitalism needs to be eradicated from the roots.
  4. Communism is economic in viewpoint while Leninism is Poilitical in the viewpoint


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