Country vs. Continent

The difference between a continent and a country The main difference between a continent and a country is…

The difference between a continent and a country

The main difference between a continent and a country is that a continent is much larger than a country. In fact, with the exception of the continents of Australia and Antarctica, a continent contains several countries. A country is a region that has its own system of government and it has an international status as a land inhabited by a group of people. It has laws that all the citizens and the government are expected to obey.

A continent is a large mass of land, such as Europe, Africa or South America. A country is a region that makes up a continent. You could say that a continent is a land mass that is divided into regions called countries that are unequal in size. A continent is independent of all others, but the countries in a continent often depend on each other for trade and influence each other in different ways.

There are different definitions of the terms “continent” and “country”.  A country is often defined as a geographical area with a single government or people. A continent is defined as a large mass of land that is often described in reference to its geology. There are many countries, but there are only seven continents.

Interesting facts about continents and countries

The smallest continent is Australia. In terms of land mass, Singapore is the smallest country in Asia. France is the largest country in Europe with over 675,000 square kilometers.  More than two-thirds of the continents located north of the equator. Oceans form the borders of a continent.

The borders of a country are geographical and political. A country is divided into many cities and towns and is a nation with its own government.


  1. A continent is a large mass of land that is divided into countries.
  2. The borders of a continent are oceans.
  3. Australia and Antarctica are the only continents that do not have different countries.
  4. A country is a region with its own government.


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