Creativity vs. Innovation

Difference between creativity and innovation The terms creativity and innovation both look alike in logic, but there are…

Difference between creativity and innovation

The terms creativity and innovation both look alike in logic, but there are differences between both of them. Creativity refers to imagining something original that is unique. On the contrary, Innovation refers to execution of something new. It can also be execution of a fresh idea also.

The term creativity is frequently used in literature whereas management uses the term innovation repeatedly. The innovative ideas lead to discovery of new concept or product in the business of an organization. Moreover, sometimes creative ideas too, turn into innovation.

It is important to know that innovation has resulted in many new inventions or almost all inventions in the scientific world. The best example would be of Thomas Alva Edison who innovated and make many new inventions in scientific field. At the same time, it is not compulsory that every innovation has to be an invention. Innovation has to emerge from within whereas invention has to be made without. In the same manner, creativity has to come from within.

In bookish terms, a poet when creating a masterpiece must have creativity within him. The best example would be of Shakespeare, who was very creative enough to create masterpieces like the Macbeth and Julius Caesar. The two most important factors such as practice and God decide creativity in an individual. A lot of practice has to be done before writing a novel or poem to encourage creativity.  The practice includes study and reference of other poems also.

On the contrary, practice and will of God do not assist creativity because it has to come on its own from within. Observation can be considered as a factor up to an extent to decide innovativeness. Thus, it is rightly said that innovation is practical while creativity is experience. Innovation proves helpful n every outlook of business. In other words, it can also be said that innovation is everything for every portion of business.

On the other hand, continuous flow of imaginative thoughts in the minds of artists like painters, writers and musicians give rise to creativity. In short, they are also called as creators for their creativity or imaginatory thinking.

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