Crow Vs. Raven

Difference Between Crow And Raven Both crows and ravens are popular birds that are known to almost everyone.…

Difference Between Crow And Raven

Both crows and ravens are popular birds that are known to almost everyone. Although both of these birds have a similar appearance yet there are major variations between the two, ranging from physical characteristics such as behavior and habitat.

The family of crows consist of birds like different types of birds such as magpie, raven and Jays. Because of similarities in appearance, many names of birds are named incorrectly. The first difference that is visibly there between the two is the size. Ravens are often larger in size than the crows. When the raven can be up to 64 cm in height, crows stand around 46 cm. Similarly, wings, legs and beak sizes also vary. To become larger, ravens are much heavier than the Crows. The age range of ravens and crows are more. Crows live up to 8 years, raven live up to 30 years.

Raven feathers shine and has a shade of purple when the sun’s rays falls on it. But the Crows have a single black feather, which may also have lighter markings on them. And the tail of the raven is of a triangular shape and Crow square and level. Crows have a thick beak unlike the Ravens, helping them to feed better. Another difference between the two bird’s beaks is that the crow has a kind of flat structured beak; the raven has a curved and a powerful one.

And if you listen to the cries of birds, you know that a crow sounds are more annoying than the ravens. Raven has the ability to mimic sounds, too. You can find crows in your yard, close to the areas, power lines, and even in very busy places. But the Ravens do not live close. They like the solitude and privacy and are found in forests and mountains with a population of less than or equal to zero. Just as habitat, food habits of ravens and crows are also different. Crows feed on fruits, vegetables and other food materials the raven hunt solitarily.  Crows are not friends of the farmer and destroy crops. Although both birds have omnivorous feeding habits and are primarily scavengers that eat the Carrion, ravens are more known for feeding on Carrion, especially ones of sheep.

There are various types of crows around the world that include American crows, crows Jungle and also the Carrion Crows. Similarly, there are various types of ravens too.


1.  Crows and ravens have different sizes with the ravens being larger.

2. Ravens have a bright purple color of the feathers in the sun rays, but crows are usually dark feathers.

3. Crows life span is much smaller in relation to the ravens.

4.  Crows live in groups, while ravens are solitary creatures.

5 Crows may be found among the homes of people, but the Ravens would rather stay solitary in the mountains and forests.


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