Crystal Vs. Gold Pokemon

Difference Between Crystal And  Gold Pokemon Pokemon is a kind of game that has gained a lot of…

Difference Between Crystal And  Gold Pokemon

Pokemon is a kind of game that has gained a lot of popularity between people of all age groups  in the past decade. Gold pokemon is a predecessor of Crystal pokemon or rather crystal pokemon is a higher level or version of the gold pokemon game.

Althouh there are no differences as regards the story in both the pokemon games, the difference lies in the features as well as the players. As for example there is a presence of a girl who is a hero in case of crystal pokemon, a feature that is absent in case of the gold pokemon. This means that the player has an option of playing with multiple heroes in case of crystal pokemon while in case of gold pokemon, he has to be content with a single pokemon only.

The puzzles that exist between the two types of pokemon also show certain differences. An added feature in the crystal pokemn is the popping up of secret messages in an unknown ancient language, which once deciphered opens up or unlocks passages for the players, that lead them to the secret items, that are required for the completion of the game.

Another important feature that has been added to the crystal pokemon is the city guide feature that helps one to know the city he/she has entered and also the route that he is following- a feature that is ot there in case of the gold pokemon game.

Skarmoryand Gligar can be caught exclusively in the game of gold pokemon .But this is not the case in the crystal pokemonas they can be caught at any game. Sneasel makes its appearance in the crystal pokemon in the Ice Path while in case of the gold pokemon, it does not make its appearance till one reaches the Mt Silver

Suicuneis a mere side legendary in case of gold pokemon while the same has a very important as well as dominant role to play in the crystal pokemon and a player has the option of coming across Suicune at different places in the crystal pokemon.

The aspect of achieveing the Rising Badge is also different in the two types of games as in case of the gold pokemon, one can obtain the badge by taking a trip to the den of the Dragon while in caseof the crystal pokemon, it can is obtainable merely by entering the shrine of the dragon

In case of a crystal pokemone game a player has the power of retaining the items that maybe be put to use for the purpose ofmoves for powering up and gaining health


1. Gold Pokémon is a lower version of crystal Pokémon.

2. Players are able to work with an additional girl hero in case of a crystal Pokémon, a feature not available in the gold one

3. Crystal Pokémon shows the appearance of secret messages in some ancient languages that pave the way to secret passages leading to collectable objects

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