Cute vs. Hot – What is the Difference?

The words cute and hot have been used for a very long time to define a positive reaction…

The words cute and hot have been used for a very long time to define a positive reaction towards someone’s physical traits or personality. Although both are positive traits, there is a big difference between a cute person and a hot person. The proper use of these words is greatly dependent on the maturity of the group, crowd, or person being referred to. Telling someone that he or she is cute or hot may also denote different meanings. Here is a closer look at what really makes cute different from hot.


Which is Which?

Cuteness typically refers to attractive but innocent traits or personality. Being cute may pertain to physical attributes such as cute eyes, nose, or lips or a lovely personality. There is always an air of innocence when the word cute is used to refer to someone. Even if adults are using the word, a listener may think that he is actually listening to a very young group when the word cute is used. The word hot, on the other hand, is generally used by a more mature crowd. It can also refer to physical attributes, body movements, or personality. It may not always have a sexual connotation but it commonly does.


How Long Does it Last?

Generally, cute traits or a cute personality is something that can be sustained for a very long time. A kid who has a cute face will always have that attribute even if she grows old even without exerting an effort. Being hot, on the other hand, needs more work to sustain. For instance, having a hot body means one has to consistently stick to a balanced diet and exercise regimen in order to keep that body structure. A hot single girl may lose her hotness when she has a boyfriend or a husband, but being cute will not be lost even if a person is already attached with someone else.


Perks of Being Cute and Hot

The benefits that cute people get can also differ from what hot people can get. Hot people have a better shot at fame, since the modern world is currently on the lookout for hot models, singers and dancers. Cute people or people with a cute personality, on the other hand, are preferred when it comes to more stable jobs and careers. When looking for life partners, cute people also have a different luck compared to hot people. Oftentimes, cute people are able to find stable partners but it takes some time, while hot people find it easy to hook up with whoever they want but there is no guarantee that the relationship will last for a long time.


Being cute and being hot are both good things. Sometimes, it depends on how other people perceive you or how you project yourself to other people. You can be cute at one point and hot at another point. You can be cute by projecting a wholesome and innocent personality. On the other hand, you can be feisty and seductive in order to project being hot.  The choice is entirely yours to make.

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