Dependent Variable vs. Independent Variable

Difference Between Dependent Variable and Independent Variable Mathematical parameters that are used to maintain control of an experiment…

Difference Between Dependent Variable and Independent Variable

Mathematical parameters that are used to maintain control of an experiment in a quantitative manner are called dependent and independent variables. Using the two variables simultaneously, we can reach a conclusion in an exact manner. The two terms, dependent and independent variables are associated with each other. In fact, the dependent variables depend on the independent variables as independent variables can determine the dependent variables.

Independent Variable

We call the variable that is manipulated in an experiment by the researcher the independent variable. Basically, the independent variables are the values ​​assumed that have a direct impact on the dependent variables and have the power to influence them. The independent variables or experimental variables can be changed according to requirement. The reason is that if we allocate the same experience of different people and they assume the values ​​of independent variables on their terms, then independent variables could be different for the same experiment. For example, if we want to see the impact of different amount fertilizer on plant growth, the amount of fertilizer is the independent variable as its quantity is changing. In short, any value that is controllable is the independent variable.

Dependent Variable

The response variable or dependent variable depends on the independent variable. Any change in the independent variable influence the dependent variable. Really, the dependent variables are the values ​​that are really measured by the researcher not hypothesized. For example, if we measure the impact of different fertilizer on the growth of equipment, then the plant characteristics that show that this impact is dependent variables such as plant growth rate in terms of height and weight. In other words, any value in an experience that cannot be controlled is the dependent variable. In this example, you can not control the growth of the plant as it depends on how much fertilizer is applied. Thus with the change of the amount of fertilizer the dependent variable i.e. plant growth will vary.


Although the dependent and independent variables have different concepts in an experiment, it is not possible to reach a conclusion without need to use both variables in a relationship because the independent variable is manipulated to see the results of the dependent variables. Now, to reach an ultimate conclusion, it is necessary to use two variables in an exact manner.


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