Diatribe vs. Pejorative

What is the difference between a diatribe and a pejorative? Two types of negative remarks that one can…

What is the difference between a diatribe and a pejorative?

Two types of negative remarks that one can make about another are diatribe and pejorative. They do not have to be expressed verbally because they can be made in writing as well as in gestures. Just because both of them have a negative connotation you should not assume that they are the same because they do have differences.

What is a diatribe?

The usual way of expressing a diatribe is verbally or in writing. Some describe it as a rant and is usually a very deconstructive criticism of another. The words used are very negative and bitter and the attitude associated with it is irrevocable. In the rant or the criticism mistake after mistake is pointed out. Generally, the person delivering the diatribe just goes on and on and doesn’t appear to listen to anything that anyone else is saying.

What is a pejorative?

A pejorative is a negative word or phrase rather than a long list of complaints and mistakes. Sometimes the situation in which the word is used denote whether it is negative or not because the manner in which the word is used determines whether or not it is a diatribe. An example of this is the word “cute”. Depending on the connotation it can be a compliment or a pejorative.

Difference between a diatribe and a pejorative

Pejoratives are only words or phrases that are negative in nature. A diatribe on the other hand can be quite lengthy and deliver a scathing assessment of another’s faults. Since a pejorative has a lower level of criticism, a diatribe is seen as being far more serious. A diatribe is usually brought on by extreme anger. A pejorative, on the other hand, can be negative in one instance and positive in another. You should think clearly about what you want to say before you use either a diatribe or a pejorative.


  1. A diatribe is lengthy but a pejorative is only a word or phrase.
  2. A pejorative is something that you say at a given time, but a diatribe is something that builds up over time until it reaches a boiling point.


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