Difference Between AAA Battery and AA Batteries

AAA Battery vs AA Battery Just about every battery operated device takes either AA or AAA batteries. The…

AAA Battery vs AA Battery

Just about every battery operated device takes either AA or AAA batteries. The difference between them is evident in the size because the AAA batteries are shorter and slimmer than AA batteries. They provide the energy that you need to operate a lot of the devices that you need to use in your home and office because they convert chemical energy into electrical energy. This is why there are many electrical appliances that can also work by batteries – clocks, laptops, etc.

The size assigned to a battery depends on the amount of electrical current it supplies to the device. AA and AAA batteries are the ones that are most commonly used in gadgets used around the house, such as alarm clocks, TV remotes, electronic toothbrushes, small flashlights and cordless telephones. The devices are small and do not require a large amount of electrical energy.

The similarities between AA batteries and AAA batteries

Even though they are not the same size, both AA and AAA batteries supply the same amount of charge – 1.5 volts. They are both widely available and when they wear down you usually throw them away and buy more because they are not expensive. However, there are some AA and AAA batteries that are rechargeable and these do cost a bit more.

The differences between AA batteries and AAA batteries

AA and AAA batteries may have the same amount of voltage, but they do not provide the same amount of power. AA batteries are more powerful. They are also longer and have a larger diameter than the AAA batteries.

AA batteries have more current and are therefore used in gadgets and appliances that are larger. Children’s battery-operated toys usually take AA batteries, while remote controls of all types require the smaller AAA batteries. There are also different voltages available in AA batteries.

AAA batteries are shorter and thinner. There are usually four of such batteries in a package as compared to two AA batteries.


  1. AA and AAA batteries supply power to appliances and small gadgets.
  2. An AA battery measures 50.5 mm in length and 10.5 mm in diameter.
  3. An AAA battery measures 44.5 mm in length and about 13.5 to 14.5 mm in diameter.
  4. There is more material inside an AA battery and this is what gives it more power.
  5. AAA batteries don’t last as long as AA batteries.

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